A Special Overnight Stay in a Teepee in The Netherlands

What it looks like to stay in a teepee

The teepee is the perfect accommodation for a special overnight stay in the Netherlands. Chat for hours by the campfire, relax in a hammock with the last rays of the sun on your face and listen to the singing birds as the sun sets. Fall asleep under the stars on a clear night. Here you are guaranteed to enjoy!


It was our first time glamping and wow we are so excited about this way of travelling. You go back to basics, but still with all the luxury and comfort. The teepee is huge and fully equipped. It has a king-size bed, a private bathroom with toilet, several cozy sitting areas, a refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle, wood stove and electricity. Much attention has been paid to the interior of the tipi, which is so stylish and cozy. Especially all those cute lights.

Best time to book an overnight stay

We stayed in the teepee in the spring. Then it can get quite chilly in the teepee at night, so you really need to make sure the fire stays on all night. For us, this made the overnight stay even more adventurous! With sunny weather you can easily leave the tipi open all day until late in the evening. In this way you experience the ultimate outdoor life and you are completely connected with nature. So in our opinion, spring is the most fun time to book, but if you want to be more sure of good weather, book an overnight stay in the summer.

The sunset teepee

At Parc Buitengewoon there are three teepees; a double teepee, the sunrise teepee with hottub and the sunset teepee. We stayed in the Sunfield Sunset Teepee. The name says it all, the teepee is in the perfect place to watch the most beautiful sunset.

Service & hospitality

The team of Parc Buitengewoon does everything to ensure that you have a relaxing time. They brought us a delicious breakfast the next morning. Overall great service and hospitality.

Wander through the green surroundings

Parc Buitengewoon is located in a beautiful green area. We highlight two nature reserves that we have explored.

The Maashorst

In the Maashorst nature reserve you can walk for hours and spot special grazers, such as the Wisent, Exmoor pony and Tauros. Enjoy the outdoors and go offline for a while. Just you and nature, then you can completely relax! To get to the beautiful spots in the Maashorst, we parked the car in the parking lot on Weversweg. From here you can walk straight into the forest and you will quickly reach the grazing area.

The Moerputten

A very special route awaits you in the Moerputten nature reserve. Walk over the industrial 600-meter Moerputtenbrug – the former railway line from the 19th century – and enjoy the view over the open water, the diverse nature and spot special birds. In the area you will find narrow decking paths that lead you through the swamp forest.

Full impression of an adventure in North Limburg

To get a full impression of our amazing adventure and overnight stay, you can watch our travel video. Will this be your next adventure?

Swimming with sea turtles; this is the best place on Curaçao to spot them

Place to spot wild sea turtles: Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi, better known as Playa Piskado, is a small typical fishing beach in the north of Curaçao. From a distance you can already see the fishing boats floating on the water. When the fishermen return to the beach, they clean their catch of the day. They throw the remains of the fresh fish into the sea. Both large and small sea turtles love this tasty meal and are attracted to it. If you are on Playa Grandi during this moment, there is a good chance to see the sea turtles. Because of the crystal clear water you can already spot them swimming around and occasionally they show themselves on the surface of the water.

Face to face with a sea turtle

It is even more impressive to meet these beautiful animals underwater. Grab your snorkel, drop into the water via the jetty and swim among these beautiful creatures.

Note! The sea turtles that live on Curaçao are critically endangered. So it is a very special experience, but be calm, don’t touch them and respect them in their natural environment.

Sunset Sailing on a Catamaran in the waters around Curaçao

Sunset sailing on a catamaran

To experience a perfect evening on the water we definitely recommend booking the Sunset Sailing Trip from BlueFinn Charters. During this 2.5-hour trip you will discover the east side of Curaçao by catamaran. The catamaran sails along Caracasbaai, Fuikbaai and the Spanish Water. The azure blue water, palm trees, beach houses and the beautiful coastline give you tropical vibes.

Curacao sunset

The Sunset Sailing Trip is an unforgettable experience. The trip with the catamaran is comfortable. There are plenty of spots to relax, on benches, or in nets where you hang above the water. And the enthusiastic and humorous crew wants to give you a carefree time. They tell you everything about life along the waters, prepare delicious drinks and snacks and put on some nice music.

Ultimate enjoyment while the sun goes down

When the sun goes down, the catamaran will anchor. The catamaran now floats over the waves, you can hear the water lapping against the boat. Admire the beautiful view over the red, yellow and orange colored horizon. The glow of the sun reflects off the dancing water. Slowly you see the sun sink into the sea. You think about the moments of happiness you experienced that day. Cheers to another successful day!

When the sun has set, you sail back. On the way back you will be surprised by all the lights you see from the water. From a distance you can hear the music of the beach parties and you sail past the vibrant nightlife of Curaçao.