How to Spend 3 Days in South Limburg, The Netherlands

Visit the ENCI quarry and be surprised by a non-Dutch landscape

Limestone has been mined in the ENCI quarry for 100 years. Nowadays the quarry is out of action and is managed by Natuurmonumenten. You can walk through a part of the quarry, along the clear blue water, the steep marl walls and through the underground tunnel systems. Take the stairs to climb to a higher viewing platform, where you float above the ENCI quarry.

In the closed parts of the ENCI quarry lies the Eagle Owl Valley. This quiet area is the ideal habitat for the largest owl species in the Netherlands; the Eagle Owl. These rare birds of prey create their nesting grounds in the marl walls and with a bit of luck it is possible to spot the Eagle Owl from the Kiekoet lookout point.

Walk through the Geul valley along the watermill Volmolen

In the Geuldal just outside Epen you will find the impressive ancient Volmolen. This water mill has been used since the 19th century to grind grain for organic livestock farming. Around the mill you will find beautiful walking routes over the green hills of South Limburg where you walk along the river Geul, half-timbered houses, farms and cozy restaurants.

Enjoy the peace and quiet in the Eijsder Beemden nature reserve

Along the banks of the Maas is the rugged nature reserve Eijsder Beemden. You can discover the nature reserve between sunrise and sunset. Enjoy the diverse flora and fauna, spot herds of grazing Konik horses and Galloways and walk across the open plains and along several lakes. Be aware that the animals can exhibit unpredictable behavior. That is why it is important to always keep a distance, about 20 meters.

Eijsder Beemden is easily accessible. There is a free car park. From here you can directly enjoy the beautiful nature.

Explore little Italy in Eys

During sunset we went off-road in search of the most dreamy places, where hot air balloons fly over the hilly landscapes and the last rays of the sun light up the grain fields with an orange glow. We stopped at lookout points where you spot the Eifel and the Ardennes in the distance. On a warm summer evening, the drive past the cypress trees, hills and vineyards will make you feel like you are touring the Tuscan hills!

The next morning we drove back to Eys, to discover even more of this beautiful area. In the afternoon we made a stop at the inn Bie de Tantes. Here you can have a delicious – vegetarian – lunch. Find a spot on the cozy terrace, with a view of the church tower of the cozy village. The service is friendly and the food is delicious!

Drive the Mergelland route

The approximately 110 km long Mergelland route can be followed via the brown Mergelland route signs. We started the route half way. Via winding roads you drive past vast nature and picturesque villages. Noorbeek, Epen, Wittem, Slenaken and Mechelen surprised us! Here you get to know the traditional South Limburg culture.

Look for fairytale castles

You will find many castles in South Limburg, but the most idyllic castle is in Oud Valkenburg; Schaloen Castle. Under an arch of trees you walk towards the castle which is surrounded by a moat, bridges, a castle garden and a forest. Tip! If you visit the castle during sunset, you will experience an enchanting golden hour. Around the castle you can follow hiking trails that lead you along winding rivers and vast fields. Do you want to spend the night in a special way? Then you can book an overnight stay here in one of the holiday homes or hotel rooms.

From Valkenburg you can walk in 20 minutes to the castle. There are also plenty options for parking nearby.

How to Spend 3 Days in Zeeland, The Netherlands

The best place to stay

During our staycation in Zeeland we stayed on the Schouwen-Duiveland peninsula in the cozy town of Zierikzee. This monument city really surprised us! And it is a good base to explore Zeeland. We slept right in the city center in a former warehouse with authentic elements. From here we could easily discover all the highlights of Zierikzee. The evening walks are especially unforgettable. The sunset is so magical! The towers turn into beautiful silhouettes and the facades of the detailed buildings get an orange glow. In addition to beautiful evening walks, Zierikzee has many monuments, a harbor, city gates, cozy squares full of terraces, delicious – instagrammable – food spots, unique boutiques and winding alleys where you can walk for hours.

Restaurant tip in Zierikzee: At Meneer Nilsson you can enjoy a delicious, colorful breakfast, healthy lunch or a nice drink. The looks of this cute restaurant immediately make you want to eat or drink something here! We recommend choosing a spot on the terrace. From here you have a view of the cozy Havenplein.

Admire the impressive Delta Works at Neeltje Jans

The waves crash against it, the wind rages through it and above all, they keep the water level low. We are of course talking about the Delta Works; the famous defense system of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the lowest countries in the world and parts of the country have been flooded, such as during the flood disaster in 1953. Delta Works have been developed and deployed to prevent such terrible disasters in the future. For example, the Oosterscheldekering. This is a lockable storm surge barrier that can close in case of a heavy storm, so that the high water cannot enter the Oosterschelde. Great piece of engineering! The work island Neeltje Jans was specially made for the construction of these Delta Works. Since the completion of the Delta Works, the island has been an information center about the Delta Works.

Spot wildlife in their natural habitat

You can spot seals and porpoises in the Oosterschelde. The clean water, tranquility and space make this the ideal habitat for these animals. For the ultimate experience, we recommend that you bring a binoculars or zoom lens. We were lucky to spot a seal in the water around the work island of Neeltje Jans. So cute! At low tide you have a great chance to see them lazing on the sandbanks, enjoying the sun.

In Koudekerk, the Plompe Toren stands in the middle of the rugged nature. You can also regularly spot seals from this watchtower.

Wander around through the capital Middelburg

Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland and has many beautiful sights. Stroll through the old city center towards the square Markt, admire the special Gothic town hall, shop at the nicest boutiques and concept stores, discover the decorated alleys and the history of this former VOC trading city. During this golden period, Middelburg was the most important city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. The biggest eye-catcher is the 90.5 meter high Lange Jan abbey tower. The best way to admire this tower is from the photogenic Reigerstraat. The street is full of colorful umbrellas. Here you will also find cozy cafes and a bright pink candy store.

Get a breath of fresh air on the beautiful coast of Zeeland

Ouddorp beach is a vast beach where you can enjoy the sun, the peace and the sound of the waves. From the beach you can see the 52 meter high bright red-brown lighthouse Westhoofd. The lighthouse is surrounded by the dunes and has been recognized as a national monument since 2007.

Restaurant tip: In the dunes of Ouddorp you will find restaurant Bij Marc. The food is delicious and for the vegetarians among us; you have plenty of choice! We recommend the ‘Dirty Fries’. These are fries with vegetarian chicken pieces and various tasty sauces.

At the furthest point of the west coast of Schouwen-Duiveland is the wide sandy beach of Burgh-Haamstede. There was a lot of sea fog on the day we visited the beach. This gave a super mysterious view of the beach and the waves disappeared into thin air.

For a small amount you can park near the beach and you can walk onto the beach via the dunes

Visit the picturesque villages Veere and Goedereede

Veere is a 13th century harbor village with beautiful houses, cozy streets and an imposing town hall. The unique thing about this village are the Scottish influences, which can be found in the architecture. The village was used as a storage place for Scottish wool in the 16th century where a large Scottish colony lived for a long time. Be sure to discover the surroundings of Veere. Rent a boat and sail on the Veerse Meer or take a walk along sheep, mills, defenses and the beach.

Goedereede is a cosy, authentic village in Zeeland. During your visit it feels like you are going back in time. The streets are full of authentic houses, there is a special herb garden and the ‘everyone knows each other’ feeling prevails throughout the village. The remarkable tower is the Reformed Church and can be seen from almost every street. Goedereede has a lively center with terraces along the canals and that is the perfect place to enjoy the view with a drink.

Bird Watching from the Special Bird Observatory Tij

Observatorium Tij

Be surprised by the architecture in the middle of nature

From the parking lot you can walk to Tij in about 10 minutes. The road to Tij is already beautiful. Note: If the water is high, the walkway may be under water. So always check this before you set off. Via winding paths, stairs, wooden decking and between the reeds you arrive at a tunnel that takes you to the core of the 8 meter high and 11 meter long giant egg. The tunnel has beautiful viewpoints from where you can already spot many birds.

If you walk further, you will be surprised by the impressive structure, the lines of the wooden beams and the viewpoints where the sun’s rays shine through. This makes bird watching very special!

Go on a bird watching adventure

Climb the iron spiral staircase to enjoy the 360° view over the unique landscape, Haringvliet and the Haringvliet locks. In the breeding season you have a great chance of spotting common terns, terns and black-headed gulls. Outside the breeding season, when the water becomes shallower, the area attracts several species of ducks, spoonbills, kingfishers and egrets. Bring your binoculars to fully enjoy! Which birds will you spot?!


The bird observatory is easily accessible. Park your car for free in the Marinehaven car park in Stellendam and walk in about 10 minutes to the observatory.

A Special Overnight Stay in a Teepee in The Netherlands

What it looks like to stay in a teepee

The teepee is the perfect accommodation for a special overnight stay in the Netherlands. Chat for hours by the campfire, relax in a hammock with the last rays of the sun on your face and listen to the singing birds as the sun sets. Fall asleep under the stars on a clear night. Here you are guaranteed to enjoy!


It was our first time glamping and wow we are so excited about this way of travelling. You go back to basics, but still with all the luxury and comfort. The teepee is huge and fully equipped. It has a king-size bed, a private bathroom with toilet, several cozy sitting areas, a refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle, wood stove and electricity. Much attention has been paid to the interior of the tipi, which is so stylish and cozy. Especially all those cute lights.

Best time to book an overnight stay

We stayed in the teepee in the spring. Then it can get quite chilly in the teepee at night, so you really need to make sure the fire stays on all night. For us, this made the overnight stay even more adventurous! With sunny weather you can easily leave the tipi open all day until late in the evening. In this way you experience the ultimate outdoor life and you are completely connected with nature. So in our opinion, spring is the most fun time to book, but if you want to be more sure of good weather, book an overnight stay in the summer.

The sunset teepee

At Parc Buitengewoon there are three teepees; a double teepee, the sunrise teepee with hottub and the sunset teepee. We stayed in the Sunfield Sunset Teepee. The name says it all, the teepee is in the perfect place to watch the most beautiful sunset.

Service & hospitality

The team of Parc Buitengewoon does everything to ensure that you have a relaxing time. They brought us a delicious breakfast the next morning. Overall great service and hospitality.

Wander through the green surroundings

Parc Buitengewoon is located in a beautiful green area. We highlight two nature reserves that we have explored.

The Maashorst

In the Maashorst nature reserve you can walk for hours and spot special grazers, such as the Wisent, Exmoor pony and Tauros. Enjoy the outdoors and go offline for a while. Just you and nature, then you can completely relax! To get to the beautiful spots in the Maashorst, we parked the car in the parking lot on Weversweg. From here you can walk straight into the forest and you will quickly reach the grazing area.

The Moerputten

A very special route awaits you in the Moerputten nature reserve. Walk over the industrial 600-meter Moerputtenbrug – the former railway line from the 19th century – and enjoy the view over the open water, the diverse nature and spot special birds. In the area you will find narrow decking paths that lead you through the swamp forest.

Full impression of an adventure in North Limburg

To get a full impression of our amazing adventure and overnight stay, you can watch our travel video. Will this be your next adventure?

5 Unique Spots in and near Leidschendam, The Netherlands

De Molendriegang Leidschendam

1. The authentic Molendriegang

Let’s start with one of the most magical places in Leidschendam, the Molendriegang. These are 3 windmills, built around 1672 to drain the Driemanspolder. Today the mills are active once a month. You can see the windmills from afar, because they are in the middle of a beautiful polder landscape. But you can also admire these impressive historical buildings with its huge wicks up close. Therefor you have to go to the Stompwijkseweg. We are so lucky, for us it is only a 5 minute bike ride to spot the windmills. That’s why we often enjoy this special Dutch view just around the corner.

2. The Nieuwe Driemanspolder, the place where you can walk for hours

A few meters from the Molendriegang, you will find the vast Nieuwe Driemanspolder. This is the perfect place for a walk or bike ride to enjoy the tranquility in the middle of nature. You are away from all the noice for a while. The polder has been constructed to store rainwater, so you will see a lot of water. You will probably also come across horses, because bridleways have been constructed throughout the polder.

3. Leidschendammerhout, the habitat of Scottish Highlanders

With their messy orange hair and pointy horns, the Scottish Highlanders are impressive animals. You have a good chance of spotting them in the green Leidschendammerhout nature reserve. Follow the Duinwaterpad and you will automatically come across them. Here the Scottish Highlanders graze in their own territory. They are so curious, so they often come very close. At one point we could just stroke their fluffy hair. Besides being cute, they can also pose as professional models! So don’t forget to bring your camera. They will love it!

4. Picturesque Leidschendam at the Sluis

Did you enjoy a walk in the Leidschendammerhout or the Nieuwe Driemanspolder? Then we definitely recommend relaxing on one of the terraces at De Sluis. It is a bustling part in Leidschendam full of restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors.

Our favorite spots for lunch or dinner are:
💛 Italian Restaurant Fratelli & Brasserie aan de Sluis. Both have a terrace in the sun, with a view of the Petrus & Paulus Church and the bobbing boats passing the the Rijn-Schie Canal.
💛 Restaurant NR 11, with a cute courtyard garden and fancy interior.

Our favorite spot for ice cream is:

💛 IJs & zo. They have very tasty and special ice cream flavors.

5. The Futuristic Mall of The Netherlands

In addition to all the beautiful nature and authentic places, Leidschendam is also very modern and innovative. The largest indoor shopping center in the Netherlands can be found here: the Mall of the Netherlands. With 230 shops, a food hall, cinema and various restaurants, there are plenty of options for a day out! What immediately stands out is the futuristic design on the inside and outside. All stores look beautiful and are real eye-catchers!

Hortus Botanicus; An oasis in the middle of the busy Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

The special plant collection

In the multiple gardens and greenhouses of Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam you can discover the special plant collection. At every tree, plant or flower there is a card full of information like the name and where it normally grows. Our favorite ones are:

🌿 The Guano Coccothrinax sp. (left photo): This palm tree may not immediately stand out due to its camouflage stripes. But look at the tree trunk, it looks like tiger print, wow! The palm is native to Central America, the Caribbean.

🌿 The Tail-Grape (right photo): This special plant climbs trees. In Southeast Asia, this species is cultivated for its yellow, edible fruits.

🌿 The Giant water lily Victoria: This water lily grows in a heated pond of no less than 28 degrees. The lily has huge leaves that can grow up to more than a meter. The special thing about this water lily is that it gets a flower a few times a year. This flower blooms for two nights. The flower turns white the first night and pink the second night, then the flower disappears. It is a very special moment and you must be lucky to spot a flower!

🌿 Banana trees: Ohhh this is definitely our number one favorite tree. The immense banana trees rise above everything. We definitely want to have one later, they really give you the best tropical vibes.

Monumental greenhouses

In Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam are a number of monumental greenhouses; the Three Climates Greenhouse, the Palm Greenhouse and the Butterfly Greenhouse. They already look impressive from the outside and invite you to discover the green worlds.

The Three Climates Greenhouse

Get lost in the Three Climates Greenhouse and experience the three climate zones; subtropics, tropics and the desert. In the subtropics you will find shrubs, flowing streams with water lilies and ferns and you should also look up, because the most beautiful and tallest plants and trees grow there. Take a seat on one of the benches and be surprised by mother nature.

Imagine yourself in the desert between the impressive succulents and the most prickly cacti, in their natural habitat. It is a super diverse collection in all shapes and sizes. They can survive in this arid climate because they master a technique of absorbing enough water and holding it for a long time. How special?!

The part of the tropics has high temperatures and high humidity. This causes the windows of the greenhouses to fog up, which looks mysterious. When you walk through the tropics, you can enjoy the sound of running water. Due to the tropical temperatures, drops will form on some plants, in which you see the reflection of all the greenery.

The Palm Greenhouse

Leave the Three Climates Greenhouse, walk through the garden towards the Palm Greenhouse. This place is also a wedding venue, it’s dreamy for sure. It is also the place where concerts and yoga sessions are held. In the summer this greenhouse is a bit emptier, because a number of plants will enjoy the wonderful summer weather outside.

Instagrammable spots

During your visit to Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam you will find many instagrammable spots. Stroll across the narrow floating bridges and look out over the colorful plant kingdom. Let the overgrown winding paths lead you past small ponds with fish and waterfalls. Photograph the most special cacti that stand out beautifully against the bright pink wall. Have lunch or a drink in the restaurant and admire the impressive Pandanus Utilis tree, which grows indoors due to the poor winter temperatures in the Netherlands.


We visited Hortus during the week. We almost had the gardens and greenhouses to ourselves and we could enjoy our visit to the fullest. It is best to visit the botanical garden when it is sunny. Then the sun’s rays magically shine through the greenhouse and all the greenery is beautifully illuminated.

Want to see more of Amsterdam?

4 Awesome Spots in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

1. Creative street art in the Berenkuil

The most colorful graffiti can be found in the Berenkuil, a place where graffiti artists are legally allowed to make their creations. Because the artists spray over each other’s work, you are always surprised by new works of art. In the background you hear hip-hop music blasting from the speakers and the graffiti spray cans are getting shaked. Admire how one stripe turns into an entire work of art. It is a lifestyle and it is so interesting to have a chat with one of the artists, so you can learn more about the culture, different styles and the stories behind the bizarre works of art.

We visited Eindhoven on a rainy day, but that made this place even more special, as the artworks reflected in the puddles of rain. So double the fun!

2. Trendy & industrial Strijp-S

At less than a 10-minute drive from the center you will find Strijp-S, once a Philips business park and now the place to be. The site, where the Philips factories were located, has been transformed into a lively center full of trendy (vintage) boutiques, food halls, great architecture and the tastiest restaurants & food trucks. Here you experience Brabant’s conviviality. We recommend Coffeelab for lunch. The interior and atmosphere are authentic and there are plenty of options on the menu for vegetarians. After lunch and a walk through the area of Strijp-S, it is time for a tasty ice cream from Intelligentia ICE. The combination of hazelnut and chocolate caramel sea salt was perfect. The interior is also a real eye-catcher, with the pink flower walls.

3. The bright blue courtyard; Blok 61

There are many unique places in Eindhoven when it comes to architecture. Such as the bright blue courtyard; Block 61. It is a 2-minute walk from Strijp-S. You will find this spot in the Philitelaan, opposite the Ontdekfabriek. The atmosphere was a bit grim and it seemed deserted, but that made it extra cool.

4. New York vibes in the city center of Eindhoven

The residential tower Vestedatoren is located in the center of Eindhoven. With its impressive flat and narrow shapes, this residential tower resembles New York’s Flatiron Building, doesn’t it?

Tips for 1 Day on Texel, a Wadden Island of The Netherlands

Texel Mill

How to travel to Texel

The ferry TESO takes you from Den Helder (province North Holland) to Texel in 20 minutes. You can enter the ferry by car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot. We recommend you to go by car, so that you can see a lot of the Wadden Island and get around easily.

Tip: On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you get a 30% discount on your ferry ticket. You can easily buy a ticket online in advance. It is also possible to buy your ticket at the ticket booth.


Discover the vast nature

The first thing that you will notice when you arrive on Texel is the vast nature. It is a small populated island, so there is more space for animals and nature. You will find a number of nature reserves where you can walk endlessly. Our favorites are:

  • The Muy. The muy is a dune area with steep slopes and elongated plains. it is the breeding area of ​​a spoonbill colony and you can discover even more beautiful bird species and special vegetation. Also a part of the Muy is grazed by galloways cows. From the Muy it is possible to walk to the Slufter.
  • The Slurfter. The slufter is directly connected to the North Sea. So only plants that can live on salt water grow here. If there is a storm in the Slufter, a part will be under water. Most of the area is breeding and resting area. But through the southern part there are a number of hiking trails and routes that you can follow.

Spot seals in Ecomare

Seals can be spotted all year round on the sandbanks of Texel. A fun way to see the seals is by taking a boat trip to the sandbanks. Another way to admire the seals up close is by visiting Ecomare. This is a rescue center for injured or weak seals who cannot survive on their own. By buying a ticket you help the seals grow up and recover so that they can be released back at the sandbanks as soon as possible. You can also support Ecomare by donating. We have so much respect for their good work.

Tip: From Ecomare you walk in a few minutes to Strandpaviljoen 17. Here you can enjoy lunch or dinner on the terrace overlooking the beach. There are many vegetarian dishes on the menu.


Cuddle with baby animals on a sheep farm

If you love (baby) animals, you should definitely visit sheep farm Schapenboerderij Texel. They are open daily from mid-February. There is a small entrance fee, but parking, the cuddling with lambs and other activities such as sheep herding demonstrations are included. Also pigs, a donkey, goats, calves, chickens, dogs, ponies, guinea pigs and 25 different sheep breeds, living on the farm.

Admire the icons of Texel

The entire west side of Texel is a beach strip. The Wadden Island has wide beaches on which you can walk for miles. Enjoy the tranquility and the sound of the waves. For the most dreamy sunset you have to go to the lighthouse on the northernmost point of Texel.

In addition to the iconic lighthouse, there is also a beautiful spot in the eastern part of Texel. Here you will find the windmill Het Noorden. This windmill is surrounded by water and a polder landscape. This is really a typical Dutch view.

Visit the cozy villages of Texel

In Texel you will find mainly small, cozy villages with unique boutiques. Local food is served almost everywhere and there are plenty of accommodations to stay overnight. Let’s visit:

💛 Den Burg
💛 Den Hoorn
💛 De Koog
💛 Oosterend
💛 Oudeschild