Swimming with sea turtles; this is the best place on Curaçao to spot them

Place to spot wild sea turtles: Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi, better known as Playa Piskado, is a small typical fishing beach in the north of Curaçao. From a distance you can already see the fishing boats floating on the water. When the fishermen return to the beach, they clean their catch of the day. They throw the remains of the fresh fish into the sea. Both large and small sea turtles love this tasty meal and are attracted to it. If you are on Playa Grandi during this moment, there is a good chance to see the sea turtles. Because of the crystal clear water you can already spot them swimming around and occasionally they show themselves on the surface of the water.

Face to face with a sea turtle

It is even more impressive to meet these beautiful animals underwater. Grab your snorkel, drop into the water via the jetty and swim among these beautiful creatures.

Note! The sea turtles that live on Curaçao are critically endangered. So it is a very special experience, but be calm, don’t touch them and respect them in their natural environment.