Sunset Sailing on a Catamaran in the waters around Curaçao

Sunset sailing on a catamaran

To experience a perfect evening on the water we definitely recommend booking the Sunset Sailing Trip from BlueFinn Charters. During this 2.5-hour trip you will discover the east side of Curaçao by catamaran. The catamaran sails along Caracasbaai, Fuikbaai and the Spanish Water. The azure blue water, palm trees, beach houses and the beautiful coastline give you tropical vibes.

Curacao sunset

The Sunset Sailing Trip is an unforgettable experience. The trip with the catamaran is comfortable. There are plenty of spots to relax, on benches, or in nets where you hang above the water. And the enthusiastic and humorous crew wants to give you a carefree time. They tell you everything about life along the waters, prepare delicious drinks and snacks and put on some nice music.

Ultimate enjoyment while the sun goes down

When the sun goes down, the catamaran will anchor. The catamaran now floats over the waves, you can hear the water lapping against the boat. Admire the beautiful view over the red, yellow and orange colored horizon. The glow of the sun reflects off the dancing water. Slowly you see the sun sink into the sea. You think about the moments of happiness you experienced that day. Cheers to another successful day!

When the sun has set, you sail back. On the way back you will be surprised by all the lights you see from the water. From a distance you can hear the music of the beach parties and you sail past the vibrant nightlife of Curaçao.