Swimming with wild sea turtles

Have you always wanted to spot a sea turtle in the wild? We share the best place to find them on Curaçao and what it's really like to swim with them.

Place to spot: Playa grandi

It is possible to swim between wild sea turtles on Curaçao. At Playa Grandi you have a big chance to spot them. This is a typical fishing beach, where many fishing boats float on the water. When the fishermen return to the beach, they clean their catch and throw the remains of the fresh fish into the sea. Both large and small sea turtles love this tasty meal and are attracted to it.

Close with a sea turtle

You can already watch the sea turtles swimming around through the crystal clear water, but it is even more impressive to swim with them and admire them up close. Grab your snorkel, lower yourself into the water via the jetty and discover the beautiful underwater world circled by these prehistoric animals. It is amazing. The don’t swim very fast, which makes it easy to keep up with them.

Endangered animal species

Pay attention! The sea turtles that live on Curaçao are seriously endangered. So it is a very rare experience. Be calm, don’t touch them and respect them in their natural environment.

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