Cadini di Misurina: Dolomites’ most beautiful viewpoint

Short hike to the viewpoint

Some incredible places in the Dolomites require a lot of effort to reach. Usually via a long, uphill hike. That is not the case if you want to visit Cadini di Misurina. With a total elevation difference of about 200 meters, the walk is short (30-45 minutes) and easy.

The trail begins at the Rifugio Auronzo refuge’s parking lot. On your right, you can already see the mountain peaks of Cadini di Misurina. You can go in two directions from the parking lot. Most people will turn left here for the well-known walk around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen. Turn right to get to Cadini di Misurina.

There are no signs directing hikers to the viewpoint. This makes it more difficult to locate. Follow the signs for the Sentiero Bonacossa hike to get there. That is a Via Ferrata walk, in which you climb along rock walls using a via ferrata set and a climbing harness. However, the first part of this walk, to the lookout point, is simple, and you walk on a wide path without needing climbing gear.

It is straight ahead after you turn right at the parking lot. Along the way, you will see many breathtaking views. In the distance, you can see Lago di Misurina and the backside of the impressive Drei Zinnen. It is an enchanting area.

Cadini Misurina’s Viewpoint

After a short walk, you can already see the final viewpoint. You must walk up a narrow path with an abyss on either side to reach the end point. Keep an eye out because the path will abruptly end and slide down into the abyss.

The path to the final viewpoint is adventurous and provides an adrenaline rush. Your heart rate will increase, and the grandeur of the mountain peaks will take your breath away when you reach the top. You are suddenly confronted with the Cadini mountains, with the highest peak being the Cima Cadin of San Lucano (2839 meters). You feel very small in this place. That is the magic of mountain scenery. Believe us when we say that this is the best view in the Dolomites. And it is by far our favorite mountain place ever.

Take in the 360-degree panorama and watch the Alpine crows fly into the valley below.

If you want to walk to the end point, keep the following in mind:

🥾 Many roots stick out on the narrow path, so walk carefully.
🥾 If you have a fear of heights, you should avoid the end point.
🥾 We recommend that you climb the narrow path only in dry weather.

The Dolomites’ hidden gem

You won’t believe it, but the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint is (still) a secret! One of the most popular hikes in the Dolomites begins opposite the Cadini Mountains, on the other side of the parking lot: The famous hike around the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, also known as the Drei Zinnen.

Combining a visit to the viewpoint Cadini di Misurina with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen hike is possible, but certainly challenging. You walk for at least 1.5 hours longer. As a result, many people skip the breathtaking Cadini di Misurina view. Such a pity. However, that is why you may have the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint almost entirely to yourself.

We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and encountered 5 other people. Unlike the hundreds of people we encountered on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen hike.

When should you go to Cadini di Misurina?

Outside of the high season in May and June, as well as September and October, is the best time to visit Cadini di Misurina. Check beforehand to make sure that the weather is good and that there is no snow.

Because the area around Cadini di Misurina is popular for hiking and climbing, it can become overcrowded. Arrive early (before 08:00) to avoid the crowds that form at the toll road gates and on the hiking trails in the late morning and afternoon.

This is how you get to the start of the hike to Cadini di Misurina

The quickest and most easy way to reach the Cadini di Misurina viewpoint is by car. Take a toll road to the Rifugio Auronzo refuge. You can park at the hut and walk for 30-45 minutes to the fantastic viewpoint.

Toll road opening hours

The toll road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is no one at the ticket booth early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can still enter the toll road using the ticket machines.

The toll road’s costs

A toll road ticket is expensive, but parking costs are fortunately included. A ticket is valid until midnight. You must have a ticket for the following day if you want to spend the night at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen.

Motorcycles: €20
Cars: €30
Camper vans: €45

Note: The prices are from June 2022

Popular places to stay near Cadini di Misurina

The Cadini di Misurina mountain range is located in the eastern part of the Dolomites. The following are the nearest villages:

🏘️ Cortina d’Ampezzo: 40 minutes away by car
🏘️ Innichen: 45-minute drive
🏘️ Auronzo, Belluno: 45 minutes away by car.
🏘️ Sesto/Sexten: 1 hour drive
🏘️ Forni di Sopra: 1.5-hour drive

Find your accommodation

Combine the viewpoint with the walk to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo / Drei Zinnen

The short walk (1,5 hours in total) to Cadini di Misurina can be combined with the Tre Cime di Lavaredo hike in one day. This walk takes you around the iconic Drei Zinnen, three massive mountain peaks. The entire walk takes approximately 4-5 hours. You walk from mountain hut to mountain hut, past several lakes and with constantly impressive views of the Drei Zinnen.

Two hikes in a single day

But why should you plan so much in one day and not return a second time for the other hike? That is always an option, but keep in mind that you will have to pay an extra €30 for the toll road and parking.