6 Most impressive buildings in Prague, Czech Republic

1. Astronomic Clock Tower

Old Town Square is the busiest part of Prague. This is mainly due to the Astronomical Clock Tower (the Old Town Hall). The clockwork comes into action every hour. The doors above the clock open and Jesus and his apostles appear. You can admire the historic halls of the town hall and climb the bell tower. From here you have a beautiful view over the city. You can also get a closer look at the apostles from the inside of the tower.

2. Petrin Tower

In about 10 minutes, the funicular takes you to the top of the 318-meter hill of Petrin Park. Here you can admire the Petrin Tower, more commonly known as the Prague Eiffel Tower. You get the feeling that you are in Paris for a while. The 64-meter high tower was originally a watchtower, but now you can climb it and see Prague from above.

3. Tyn Church

In our opinion, you will find the most impressive church in Prague on the Old Town Square. With two gigantic black spires, the Tyn church immediately stands out. If you want to have an impressive view of the Tyn church (right photo), you can climb the bell tower.

4. Powder Tower

The dark Powder Tower is gigantic. It is one of the old watchtowers that functioned as a city gate. We suddenly came across it when we got lost in the narrow alleys. So it made a big impression on us. The Tower can be found on nám. Republiky 5, 110 00 Staré Město.

5. Dancing House

This glass building is unique and we have never seen anything like it before. The modern style in which the Dancing House is built makes this building different from the other buildings in Prague. The Dancing House owes its name to the wavy lines and graceful construction, which makes it look like it is dancing.

6. Jerusalem Synagogue

Unlike the other buildings, this synagogue is very colorful. It is therefore a nice eye catcher and you will certainly not pass by here. The Synagoge locates on Jeruzalémská 1310/7