8 Best things to do & see in Seville, Spain

1. Stroll across Plaza de España

Plaza de España is a historic square created for the 1929 Ibero-American World’s Fair, with the aim of increasing ties with Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. Plaza de España was the highlight of the exposition and is still a popular landmark. And we get why. The square is rich in beautiful architecture, colorful details and in the middle you will find a huge fountain. The half moon-shaped square is surrounded by impressive buildings with a covered gallery. At the front of the gallery, all 52 provinces of Spain are represented with ceramic tiles and mosaics. Parallel to the buildings is a canal where you can sail under the four bridges with a rented boat. The bridges symbolize the 4 Spanish Kingdoms.

2. Unexpectedly attend a flamenco performance

Plaza de España is often the place where street artists perform. We heard from far away the guitar, the singing and the clapping of the passionate and fiery Flamenco. This music and dance allow you to experience the Spanish culture at its finest.

3. Admire the Maria de la Sede Cathedral

You can’t ignore it; the gigantic Gothic cathedral Maria de la Sede. From the outside it’s already a very impressive building, so it’s well worth a walk around the cathedral. We have not seen the inside of the cathedral, but that also seems to be very impressive! During your visit you can climb the bell tower, the Giralda. From there you have a beautiful view over the city.

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4. Visit the Royal Palace Real Alcazar

Opposite the cathedral you will find Real Alcazar, the oldest palace in Europe. The palace is still owned by the Spanish royal family. When you enter the palace through the gigantic entrance gate, it feels like you have entered a fairytale. The complex has lots of rooms, halls, patios, a Gothic bathhouse, detailed arches and gigantic gardens that have been the setting for scenes from Game of Thrones.

What makes the palace so special is the combination of different architectural styles. The palace has been conquered by several rulers and each has given its own twist to the appearance or has expanded the palace. You see many Moorish and Renaissance influences, but you also see Mudéjar (a mix of Muslim and Christian art forms) in the architecture. It is very interesting to buy an audioguide to learn more about the special history of Real Alcazar.

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5. Climb Metropol Parasol for a beautiful view over Seville

Metropol Parasol is the world’s largest wooden structure and stands in the middle of Plaza de la Encarnacíon square in the old part of Seville. It is an original and modern building, shaped like mushrooms. For only €3.- you can already buy a ticket to get on top of the building. Once at the top you can walk around and get a panoramic view of the whole city!

Tip: For the most impressive view, visit Metropol Parasol during sunset. The orange glow of the golden hour will illuminate all buildings and roofs beautifully. Wait a little longer until it gets dark, then Metropol Parasol will light up in different colors.

6. Stroll along the Guadalquivir River

During a walk along the winding river Guadalquivir you will spot colorful houses, the iron bridge Puente de Triana that connects the center with the traditional district of Triana, you can admire one of the most beautiful bullring Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza and pass the 13th -century Moorish Torre del Oro. Nowadays the Maritime Museum is located here, but in the past this defensive tower was part of the city wall and served as a warehouse, prison and chapel.

7. Get lost in the colorful streets of Barrio Santa Cruz

The former Jewish district of Santa Cruz is located in the old center of Seville. This historic district exudes a lot of atmosphere and authenticity. Santa Cruz is a maze of narrow, colorful streets that always take you to squares with cozy tapas bars or beautiful flower courtyards. A walk through the neighborhood should not be missed during your visit to Seville. In the district are also many highlights to be found, such as the cathedral, the Real Alcazar and the Giralda.

8. Relax in the romantic Parque de María Luisa

Seville is a green city, where you will find many beautiful parks to relax after strolling through the city. In our opinion Parque de María Luisa, which borders Plaza España, is the most beautiful. These former private gardens of the Palace of San Telmo are romantic and full of exotic plants and trees, impressive monuments, ponds and waterfalls.

Traveling to Seville

By plane

Seville has a small airport, if you are going on a road trip through Andalusia, we recommend flying to Málaga airport. There are more flight options and it is the perfect destination to start your road trip through the idyllic south of Spain.

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By car

The most amazing way to discover Seville is to combine it with a road trip through Andalusia. Fly to Málaga airport, rent a car here and let’s explore!

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By train

Another option to travel to Seville is to take the high-speed train from other Spanish cities such as Málaga or Madrid.

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How much time spending in Seville

Be sure to plan a few days to discover Seville, because there really is a lot to see and do! During our road trip through Andalusia we had planned 2 full days in Seville, but afterwards we really wanted to stay here a little longer. If you have the option to stay longer, we definitely recommend staying in Seville for at least 3 days.

Best time to travel to Seville

The Mediterranean climate makes it possible to travel to Seville all year round. But in the months of July and August it can often be hot and the temperatures rises above 40 degrees. September is a perfect time to go. You can enjoy the late summer sun with temperatures around 25 and 30 degrees.