6 Most Beautiful Sights of Ronda, Spain

1. The new bridge Puente Nuevo and the gorge El Tajo

The most iconic highlight of Ronda is the new bridge, aka Puente Nuevo. The bridge with 3 arches was built in the 18th century over the Guadalevín river and the enormous – almost 100 meters deep – El Tajo gorge to connect the two parts of the city. When you walk on the bridge and look down, you see birds flying through the gorge. You should not be afraid of heights – like Abel – because at that moment you realize how high it is. Would you dare to cross this bridge?!

There are a few spots with a spectacular view of the gorge, the bridge, the river and lively Ronda:

  • During sunrise you have the most beautiful view from Mirador del Viento. Here you can see the sun rising behind the bridge. The sun’s rays will occur between the 3 arches of the bridge. You reach this point by following the path down from the bridge.

2. Baños Árabes de Ronda

In Ronda you can visit the best preserved Arab baths in Spain. You pay a small entrance fee at the entrance. For a moment the Arabic bathhouse of Ronda makes you feel like you’re back in the 12th, 13th century! You will get an idea of ​​what the baths used to look like. How magical is the light that shines through the star-shaped openings through the roof?! ✨

3. Bullring Plaza de Toros de Ronda de la Real Maestranza

Although we don’t like bullfighting and think it’s fiercely, a visit to the bullring Plaza de Toros de Ronda de la Real Maestranza is a way to discover Spanish culture. The tradition of bullfighting originated in Ronda and the bullring, built in 1785, is one of the oldest of Spain. You will see where the bulls reside in the stables prior to the fight, and you can enter the arena and grandstands, which can seat 5,000 people. In the accompanying museum you can take a journey through the history of bullfighting. You can see, the traditional clothing, weapons, horse harnesses and the developments that have taken place in bullfights that are (fortunately) held very little nowadays.

4. Alameda del Tajo

Wander around the green park of Alameda del Tajo, which takes you to the edge of the canyon. From here you look out over two national parks, Sierra de Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves.

5. The viewpoint Balcón del Coño

Walk a little further from Alameda del Tajo and arrive at the viewpoint Balcón del Coño. Here you have an amazing view from a small balcony over the valley and the mountainous surroundings. This is therefore the place where you – accompanied by street performers – spot the most beautiful sunset in Ronda.

6. The historic center

Ronda is a city full of atmosphere and coziness. And you can experience that atmosphere the best in the historic center. Here you can stroll through the charming squares, such as Plaza Duquesa de Parcent and Plaza del Socorro. And get lost in the narrow streets where you can eat the tastiest Paella! For the Vegetarians among us you should definitely visit El Portón for the beste veggie Paella.