The ultimate 2-week road trip through Andalusia, Spain

Day 1-2: Arrival in Málaga, visit Castillo de Colomares and stay overnight in Mijas

We landed at Málaga Airport. Pick up your rental car and drive in 30-40 minutes to Benalmádena. In this small town you can visit the monument Castillo de Colomares.  This monument pays tribute to the explorer Christopher Columbus and his crew. Esteban Martin Martin designed the fairytale castle and had it built between 1987 and 1994. He was very fascinated by the famous explorer. The monument is rich in beautiful details, an impressive architectural style, statues of gargoyles and here you will find the smallest chapel in the world! From the monument you have a panoramic view of the sea.

Continue your journey after the sunset towards Mijas and stay here the first night. The next morning you can experience the local life in Mijas. Mijas is full of beautiful viewpoints and cute narrow streets.

In the afternoon you can drive to your next stop; Ronda. From Mijas it is about 1.5 hours drive. The route takes you past rolling landscapes and along the way you will encounter many beautiful views.

Day 3-4: Discover Ronda

Many people make a day trip to Ronda, but staying in Ronda gives you the chance to fully discover and experience this incredible city. Ronda is located in a mountainous area, high on the edge of the El Tajo gorge that divides the city in two. The parts are connected by the ancient bridge Puente Nuevo, which is the icon of Ronda. Other highlights of Ronda include Spain’s oldest bullring, the cobbled streets of the historic center and the best-preserved Arab baths in Spain; Baños Árabes de Ronda.

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Day 5: From Ronda to Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra towards Seville

Today you will drive from Ronda to Seville with two beautiful and worthy stops. The total journey is 2.5 hours (not counting the time you discover the towns). The first stop is the small, whitewashed cave village Setenil de las Bodegas. Here you admire the special Cuevas del Sol, rock dwellings.

The second stop is at the idyllic hill town of Zahara de la Sierra. When you arrive, you can already see the town and its 13th-century castle towering over the landscape. Zahara de la Sierra is located on top of a rock, surrounded by green nature and turquoise water. The town looks very cosy, but unfortunately it was siesta time and everything was closed when we arrived here. So keep that in mind if you want to discover Zahara de la Sierra.

Make your way to your final destination, Seville, where you will spend the next few days.

Day 6-8: Staying in beautiful Seville

Seville is in our opinion one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia, where there is much to discover. You can easily spend 3 full days in Seville. Enjoy the Spanish sun and the pleasant atmosphere on one of the terraces of the delicious tapas restaurants. Visit the ancient palaces with Moorish influences or watch a flamenco performance to experience Andalusian culture at its best.

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Day 9: Staying in Córdoba

The drive from Seville to Córdoba takes almost 2 hours. Plan 1 full day to discover all the must-sees in Córdoba. One of them is the impressive Mezquita Catedral. The mosque dates from the 8th century and around 1523 a cathedral was built in the middle of the mosque. Numerous styles and religious elements of Islam and Western culture converge here. You only see this combination a few times around the world. Admire the beautiful elements of the Mezquita, such as the chapels, red and white arches, a prayer hall, decorations and stained glass.

Another highlight is the Puente Romano, a 2100 (!) years old bridge, built over the Guadalquivir river. The bridge was built by the Romans and later extended by the Moors, giving it its current appearance. From the bridge you have a nice view of the old town, the Puerta del Puente and the Mezquita. For all Game Of Thrones fans; the bridge is a filming location. It is the long bridge to the free city of Volantis.

Food tip: Looking for a cute place to have some breakfast lunch or dinner? Then definitely go to Breakfast Club & Co. The interior and the food is so colorful! This place is right next to the bridge.

Day 10-11: Beautiful nature in Antequera and staying in Granada

From Córdoba to Granada it is about 2.5 hours if you drive via Antequera. This route was our favorite during the road trip! Both the town of Antequera and the beautiful nature reserve nearby; El Torcal de Antequera are worth a visit. In this nature reserve you drive on steep roads past rocky outcrops, panoramic viewpoints and you spot eagles hunting for their prey. If you have more time, we definitely recommend hiking in this area.

Granada is the end destination for this day. This city certainly impressed us. During a road trip through Andalusia you will come across a lot of beautiful architecture with Moorish influences and, in our opinion, the most impressive building can be found in Granada; the Alhambra. The complex is located on top of the hills behind the city and is a must see when you are in Granada.

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Day 12-14: Staying in Málaga and make day trips to Nerja and Marbella

Spend a morning in Nerja

On the way from Granada to Málaga, make a stop in Nerja (1 hour drive from Granada), a coastal town located directly on the Mediterranean Sea. The salty sea air, palm trees, bays and clear blue water give you the ultimate holiday feeling! Be warned as Nerja is very touristy. Don’t let that put you off, as it’s definitely worth a stop here on your Andalucia road trip. There are several reasons to visit Nerja. Walk down the boulevard and take a look at Balcón de Europa, a former fortress that rises far above the rocks, from here you have a beautiful view over the coastline and the impressive mountainous environment. You can also spend a day sunbathing on one of the beaches. The most beautiful beaches of Nerja are; Playa de Calahonda, Playa Carabeo, Playa El Salón, Playa la Caletti, Playa El Chorrillo. You can also do many water activities, such as paddle boarding, water skiing and snorkeling.

After a visit to Nerja, drive to Málaga in 45 minutes. This will be the end destination of your road trip through Andalusia.

Spend an afternoon in Marbella

A trip from Málaga to Marbella is a 45 minute drive. The old town is full of character and well worth a visit. Here you walk through colorful narrow alleys, past impressive churches such as Iglesia de la Encarnación, towards Plaza de los Naranjos, where you can admire the 16th century old town hall. Besides visiting the city center it is also nice to walk through the tropical city park la Alameda. And a little further you will find the boulevard Paseo Marítimo and the beach. These are the perfect places to relax and unwind.

Looking for a cute place to have a drink? Then definitely go to the urban restaurant The Farm. You can relax in their green courtyard while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Spend the rest of your time relaxing in Málaga

We fell in love with Málaga immediately and you are warmly welcomed by the Malagueños. This atmospheric city has a lot to offer; sun, sea, beach, beautiful green city parks, walking routes and a bustling harbor and boulevard. And until late in the evening you can enjoy the vibrant outdoor life, delicious tapas and cocktails on the terraces of the many restaurants, bars and rooftop bars.

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The costs of traveling through Andalusia

Our daily budget was around €50 per person; including activities, a rental car for 10 days, fuel, parking costs, accommodations and food and drinks.

How to get around in Andalusia

We recommend renting a car from (not sponsored). If you arrive at Málaga airport, you will be taken by shuttle bus to their car shed in 5 minutes. Here you only have to pay and collect the keys. The communication with is super easy, the cars are well maintained and you can book a car in advance.

Tip: Avoid toll roads during your road trip. The other routes were often not the fastest, but so authentic and beautiful.

10 Best things to do & see in Málaga, Spain

1. Visit the Moorish fortress Alcazaba de Málaga

Discover the rich history of Málaga during a visit to the former Moorish fortress Alcazaba de Málaga. The construction of this fortress started in the 9th century and was extended two hundred years later and became part of the fortress walls surrounding the city. With the aim to protect Málaga from invaders and to provide a safe place for governors and princes.

Within the walls of the complex you will find palaces, patios, fountains and beautiful architecture. Moorish influences can be seen in the architectural style like the decorated arches with Arabic characters and figures. The influences also can be seen in the gardens were there has been installed an impressive irrigation system.

A visit to Alcazaba de Málaga is literally a highlight. The fortress is built on the slope of the mountain Gibralfaro, so enjoy beautiful views over the city!

Tip: A visit to the fortress is free on Sundays.

2. Take a look at Teatro Romano

Teatro Romano is one of the oldest Roman theaters in Spain and probably dates from the last century BC. The theater is located next to the Alcazaba de Málaga, so you can perfectly combine it with a visit to the Moorish fortress. The remains of Teatro Romano were discovered in 1951 during excavations. The missing parts were partly used by the Moors for the construction of the Alcazaba de Málaga. After many years of restoration, the theater now serves as an exhibition space and shows are held here in the summer.

Do you want to learn more about this beautiful Roman theater and the Alcazaba fortress then there are also guided tours available here.

3. Spot the cathedral of Málaga

On Plaza del Obispo, in the old part of the center, you find the cathedral of Málaga. This large impressive structure can be seen from many places in the city. If you pay attention, you will notice that the cathedral was never completed and is missing a tower. It is therefore popularly known as La Manquita; one-armed lady.

4. Relax in the most tropical city park Paseo del Parque

If you want to get away from the bustle of the city, you can relax in Paseo del Parque. This extensive park, approximately 800 meters long, runs parallel to the harbor and has plenty of seating areas to relax. Many locals also know where to find this place and they meet up or read the newspaper. In Paseo del Parque you will encounter the most special and exotic trees and plants from all over the world. So it’s like a gigantic botanical garden!

5. Discover the coast of Málaga by bike

With a bike you can discover the area outside the city center of Málaga in a relaxed way. There are several routes, but our favorite route is exploring the east coast.

The route is about 30 kilometers long and starts in the center of Málaga. You will cycle past the harbor, the lighthouse, the city beach La Malagueta and beach pavilion Baños del Carmen. Follow the boulevard to the former fishing districts of Pedregalejo and El Palo. Here you will get to know the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle. The suburbs are located directly on the sea. The streets are filled with colored houses, beach bars and street art. Next to the boulevard you will find the iconic boat barbecues, where they prepare the local specialty ‘Espeto de Sardinas’ (grilled sardines). Hop off your bike for a beach walk along the bays that are full of small fishing boats.

We definitely recommend to continue the route to arrive at a number of less touristy beaches. The most beautiful beach is Playa Peñon del Cuervo, which is named after the special rock formation in the water. At the end of the beach begins an old railway tunnel that leads you to the beach of la Cala del Moral. Park your bike and walk over the rocks towards Rincón de la Victoria, the end point of the route. From here you can cycle the same way back to the city center of Málaga again.

Tip: We rented our bikes at Bike Tours Málaga. Rent a bike to explore on your own or participate in one of the organized bike tours.

6. Watch the bullring Plaza de Toros La Malagueta from above

Climb to the viewpoint Mirador de Gibralfaro to get a better view of the city. From here you also get an interesting view of the bullring Plaza de Toros La Malagueta. Walk a few minutes further then the viewpoint to avoid the crowds and enjoy the view all by yourself.

7. Stroll along the harbor during the golden and blue hour

An evening stroll along the modern harbor during the golden hour is magically beautiful! The palm trees stand out against the golden sky, you have a beautiful view of the sea. The boulevard takes you past cozy terraces, shops and the lighthouse La Farola. Also spot the moored luxury yachts, cruise ships and sailboats. Tip: be sure to wait until the sun has set and the blue hour begins. The sky turns bright pink.

8. Try the best tapas and drink exclusive cocktails

In our opinion the food and drink in Málaga is the best highlight of all. The menus are full of tasty surprises, also for vegetarians. Every time you get spoiled with delicious recipes on the house.

Find out our 17 favorite restaurants and bars in Málaga, recommended by locals ;).

9. Watch the sunset from the breathtaking viewpoint Monte Victoria

On top of the hill Monte Victoria you can see the most magical sunset. This viewpoint makes it possible to see the entire city from a different angle. Monte Victoria is located just outside the city. From the center you walk to the top in 40-50 minutes. When you are sitting here, chatting together, with a beer in your hand, overlooking thousands of roofs, staring at the sun that disappears behind the mountains, watching the night life, you realize there is nothing more you need. It’s about the little things in life. Those are unforgettable!

10. Let’s hike the Sendero Picapedreros Trail

In less than a 15 minutes ride from the center of Málaga you will find the area Los Molinos de San Telmo. Here starts the Sendero Picapederos Trail and you will walk through the mountainous Montes de Málaga Natural Park. It is a wonderfully quiet area where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, great views and beautiful nature. The area is full of olive and eucalyptus trees, wide forest roads and narrow steep paths through the pine forests. 

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17 Best food & drink spots in Málaga

All hotspots are tipped by locals 😉 Danique’s sister and her boyfriend live in Málaga for a while and let us taste the best things. Ohhhh and now we can’t wait to share these hotspots with you!

La vida de la Gente

Just outside the city center you will find La vida de la Gente. An atmospheric restaurant, where you can order tastiest cocktails. The choices on the menu are endless! Tip: Be there during Happy Hour. You order a cocktail for only €7,- and you receive a plate with delicious snacks. La vida de la Gente is the perfect place for a fun night out.

El Gastronauta

For delicious and special tapas you can have dinner at El Gastronauta. This tasty hotspot can be found in a cozy street in the center of Málaga. Book a table on time, because more people know that you can order delicious food here. What we really liked is that the tapas were not all served at the same time. This way you can enjoy every dish and you won’t be full too quickly.

Mimo Vegan Bistro

Mimo Vegan Bistro offers a variety of delicious and organic vegan food. All the dishes on the menu are made with local seasonal products, vegetables and fruits. Eating here was a whole new experience for us. They make combinations with food that you have probably never tasted before. And the attention to detail is insane, the food looks like art! They not only have tasty main courses but also try the delicious starters and desserts. The staff is super nice and tells you enthusiastically about the food, preparations and the ingredients.

Sabor a Nápoles

A few minutes from the beach you will find the cozy little Sabor a Nápoles. Here you can eat the tastiest Italian focaccias. Choose a spot outside and enjoy! The service is top notch, the location is cute and the people are very kind. Extra plus: We had the choice out of any focaccia! Tell them you are vegetarian and they will think along with you and replace the meat with, for example, extra vegetables. Oh and if you want a nice drink; we definitely recommend the Limoncello Spritz.

Speakeasy ‘The Pharmacy

Speakeasy ‘The pharmacy’ is a hidden cocktail bar where you step into a totally different vibe. They offer exclusive cocktails served in unique glasses. They have implemented their iconic style in everything, such as the design of the menu, the outfits of the staff, the interior and the music. If you visit Málaga, go get yourself a cocktail at this atmospheric place!

Restaurante El Huesca

El Huesca is a restaurant right in front of the Málaga Cathedral! In addition to the beautiful view, you can enjoy unique tapas and there is also plenty of choice for vegetarians. Ignacio is happy to think along with you about the possibilities. The staff is always in for a chat and the atmosphere is great!

IlMuseo Pizzeria

For the best pizzas you have to make a reservation at IlMuseo Pizzeria. The quality is very good and you can taste the attention that has been put into the preparation. Tip: order the cheese fondue with provolone, tomato sauce and oregano as a starter and dip the delicious crispy dough into it. You will love it!!


You eat delicious tapas at D’Platos and these are also very cheap. You have many vegetarian options. It is a cozy place to sit and there is plenty of space on the terrace.

Rooftop bar La Terraza La Alcazaba

There are many nice rooftop bars with spectacular views of Málaga, like the San Juan Terrace, the rooftop of the AC Hotel and the rooftop of the Only YOU Hotel. But our favorite is La Terraza la Alcazaba, from here you have a beautiful view of the city, the cute roof terraces and you can see the Alcazaba turn gold during the sunset.


Want to eat burgers for dinner? You have to go to Goiko for that! We ordered the food here and ate it at home, so we can’t share our experience of what it is like to eat in the restaurant. But at least the food is top notch! You can choose the vegetarian option with every burger and you can choose from different types of fries and sauces. The quality of the burger and the toppings is good.


At Sylvia’s you discover tasteful dishes from the Mexican kitchen. This Mexican street food is definitely the best in town! There are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. Take a seat on the lively terrace. It is necessary to reserve a spot in advance because it fills up quickly!

Tarta de la madre de Cris

Ohhh do you love sweets and cheesecake in particular? Be sure to taste the homemade cakes at Tarta de la madre de Cris. And the cute interior makes your visit even more fun! Tip: the cake is quite big, so it is more like a lunch or dinner haha.

Restaurante Gutiérrez Puerto

Restaurant Gutiérrez Puerto is located at the boulevard of Málaga. From the sunny terrace you have a beautiful view over the harbor and the boats. Do you need some refreshing? Then order the summer drink Tinto de Verano. No, this is not a sangria, but a mix of bitter lemon and red wine; the perfect combo!

Cafe de Estraperlo

Opposite the tropical green city parks you will find cafe de Estraperlo. If you want to order a nice drink, this is the place for you. How about an Aperol Spritz or una cervezas? The atmosphere is laid back and the bartenders are super friendly. What else do you need?!


Noviembre is the spot for a perfect lunch. There are plenty of choices on the menu. We ate a delicious sandwich that you can customize the way you like it. The quality of the food is great and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Cosa Fina

Are patatas bravas your favorite tapas? Then you should definitely try the variant of Cosa Fina! I would book a one-way ticket to Málaga for that reason alone ;). This hidden gem is located in a cozy courtyard just outside the busy streets of the city center.

Empanadas Las Muns

Looking for a tasty snack? Or want to eat something ideal for on the go? Then get a fresh homemade empanada at Las Muns. This take-away has a diverse choice of finger-licking empanadas!