3 days in Zeeland: The ultimate travel guide

Zeeland, the province with the most hours of sunshine, wide beaches, picturesque villages and vast nature. It is surprisingly beautiful and you are always close to the sea. This guide gives you tips for a multi day trip to Zeeland; from nice hotspots and cozy villages to beaches where you can get some fresh air and where you have the best chance to spot seals!

Where should you spend the night?

During our staycation in Zeeland we stayed on the peninsula Schouwen-Duiveland in the cozy town of Zierikzee. This monument city really surprised us! And it is a good base to explore Zeeland. We slept right in the city center in a former warehouse with authentic elements. From here we could easily discover all the highlights of Zierikzee. The evening walks are especially memorable. The sunset is so magical! The towers turn into beautiful silhouettes and the facades of the detailed buildings get an orange glow. Besides the beautiful evening walks, Zierikzee has many monuments, a harbor, city gates, cozy squares full of terraces, delicious – instagrammable – food spots, unique boutiques and winding alleys where you can walk for hours.

Restaurant tip: At Meneer Nilsson you can enjoy an extensive breakfast, healthy lunch or a nice drink. The appearance itself makes you want to have a bite or a drink here! Choose a spot on the terrace and have a direct view of the pleasant Havenplein.

Location: Havenplein 26, 4301 CB Zierikzee

Admire the impressive delta works Neeltje Jans

The waves crash against it, the wind rushes through them and most importantly, they keep the water level low. Of course we are talking about the Delta Works; the famous defense system of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the lowest countries in the world and parts of the country have been flooded, such as during the severe flood disaster in 1953. Delta Works have been developed and deployed to prevent such terrible disasters in the future. For example, the Oosterscheldekering. This is a lockable storm surge barrier that is able to close during a severe storm, so the high water can not enter the Oosterschelde. Great piece of technology! The work island Neeltje Jans has been specially made for the construction of these delta works. Since the completion of the Delta Works, the island has been an information center about the Delta Works.

Spot wildlife in their natural habitat

You can spot seals and porpoises in the Oosterschelde. The clean water, calmness and space make this the ideal habitat for these animals. For the ultimate experience, we recommend you to bring binoculars or a zoom lens with you. We were lucky to spot a swimming seal in the water around the work island of Neeltje Jans. So cute! At low tide you have a great chance to see them lazing on the sandbanks, enjoying the sun. In Koudekerk, the Plompe Toren is located in the middle of the rugged nature. You can regularly see seals from this watchtower.

Wander around through the capital Middelburg

Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland and has many beautiful sights. Stroll through the old city center towards Markt, admire the special Gothic town hall, shop at the nicest boutiques and concept stores, discover the decorated alleys and the history of this former VOC trading city. Middelburg was in this golden period, after Amsterdam, the most important city in the Netherlands. The biggest eye-catcher is the 90.5 meter high Lange Jan abbey tower. The best way to admire this tower is from the photogenic Reigerstraat. The street is covered with colorful umbrellas. Here you will also find cozy cafes and a bright pink candy store.

Get a breath of fresh air on the beautiful Zeeland coast

Ouddorp beach is a vast beach where you can enjoy the sun, the peace and the sound of the waves. From the beach you can spot the unmissable 52 meter high bright red-brown lighthouse Westhoofd. The lighthouse is surrounded by the dunes and has been recognized as a national monument since 2007.

Restaurant tip: In the dunes of Ouddorp you will find restaurant Bij Marc. You can eat delicious food here and for the vegetarians among us; you have plenty of choice! We recommend the ‘Dirty Fries’. These are fries with vegetarian chicken pieces and various tasty sauces.

Location: Westerweg 38, 3253 LX Ouddorp

At the farthest point of the west coast of Schouwen-Duiveland is the wide sandy beach of Burgh-Haamstede. There was a lot of sea fog on the day we visited the beach. This gave a super mysterious view of the beach and the waves disappeared into thin air.

Visit the picturesque villages Veere and Goedereede

Veere is a 13th century harbor village with beautiful houses, cozy streets and an imposing town hall. The unique thing about this village are the Scottish influences, which are reflected in the architecture. The village was used as a storehouse for Scottish wool in the 16th century where a large Scottish colony lived for a long time. Be sure to discover the surroundings of Veere. Rent a boat and sail on the Veerse Meer or take a walk along sheeps, mills, defenses and the beach.

Goedereede is a cozy, typical village of Zeeland. During your visit it feels like going back in time. The streets are full of authentic houses, there is an extraordinary herb garden and the ‘everybody knows each other’ feeling prevails throughout the village. The remarkable tower is the reformed church and can be seen from almost every street. Goedereede has a lively center with terraces along the canals and it is the perfect place to enjoy the view with a drink.

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