3x Extraordinary places in the Provence

The Provence keeps surprising you. From purple lavender fields and magically monasteries to idyllic villages and beautiful nature. We would love to share our 3 favorite and unique spots that you can find in the Provence.

#1 Hidden red treasures

Our adventurous Airbnb host and hostess took us to a very special undiscovered gem in the middle of nature of the Provence. The ride there was quite an experience; a trip in a retro convertible beetle, up the steep & bumpy hill paths. In less than 10 minutes away from the Airbnb – in a small town Mormoiron – you end up in a completely different world. From an open field you walk via a narrow path into the dense forest. After a few minutes you walk through a gigantic chasm of red rock. You feel small and it is so special.

The area around Gordes is rich of red rock ‘ocher’, so you can find more of these spots if you search carefully. Ocher is a red / orange pigment that is extracted from the ground. This pigment was used – especially in the past – to give color to, for example, clothes or many houses in this part of Provence. Roussillon, a village in the area, is also known as ‘the red city’, where all houses are smeared with this pigment. Something you will not easily see somewhere else. Curious? Take a look here.

As you continue through the chasm, it gets steeper, narrower, more dense and muddy, but don’t give up! After 10-15 minutes you will end up in a beautiful roundabout, surrounded by walls covered with moss and ivy. You can also spot a mini waterfall. For a moment you imagine yourself in the middle of the jungle!

#2 Purple lavender fields

The Provence is often associated with lavender. And we completely understand that. There are many, sometimes kilometers long, vast lavender fields to see. So colorful and it smells lovely. The best time to visit the Provence is between June and August, when the fields are in bloom. We have seen most of the fields in Sault. Tip! On the route from Carpentras to Sault you will encounter many viewpoints where you can admire the fields from a different perspective.

#3 Perfectly located monastery

From Gordes, follow the winding roads. At the end you will find the beautiful Abbey of Sénanque. The location makes this spot even more unique. The monastery is surrounded by lavender fields and mountains. It couldn’t be more fairytale, right?! We were here during the golden hour, which made the monastery magically illuminated by the setting sun.

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