Beach hopping on Curaçao

The unreal & paradise beaches impressed us the most. With a rental car we hopped from beach to beach. We will take you with us to the most beautiful beaches that can be found on Curaçao. And believe us that was very difficult to choice!

#1 Playa Kalki

Yes, this hidden bounty beach is definitely number 1. When you walk on Playa Kalki your mouth literally falls open. We had to squeeze our hands a few times to find out if this was real. It’s by far the most tropical spot on Curaçao, with the clear blue & transparent water, palm trees and the white sand. Walk up the jetty, breathe in the air and think about nothing at all. You can also choose to learn how to dive. There is a diving school on Playa Kalki.


#2 Playa Grandi

Don’t forget to visit this nice fishing beach, where many fishing boats float on the water. You can do something here that you can cross off your bucket list afterwards; swimming with sea turtles. And this is something that you want!!


#3 Kokomo Beach

This panoramic beach is definitely one of our favorites beaches of Curaçao. Here you can perfectly enjoy a day in the sun. If it gets too hot, choose a spot under the palm trees or go swinging in the sea. Enough of all the sunbathing? Then you can take a delicious lunch or diner at the beach bar. If you’re lucky it’s feeding time of the iguanas and they come to keep you company. Don’t be afraid the iguanas only eat vegetables.

#4 Grote Knip

This gem should definitely not be missed on our list of favorite beaches. The bright blue water is beautiful. This beach is also popular by locals who are going to barbecue here with the whole family. So there is a very cozy atmosphere on the beach. You feel completely at home here, bon bini!

Curacao beach

#5 Playa Laguna

Be surprised by this small, but beautiful beach. It lies between two cliffs and it is nice and quiet. Great to completely unwind. You can also snorkel here. The unique thing about this beach is that there are colorful houses on top of the rocks. What a special place to live!

Curacao boat

#6 Jan Thiel Beach

There is a lot to experience on the beach of Jan Thiel. Take a seat at one of the many cozy beach clubs, drink a cocktail – we recommend the Cuba Libre or the Cosmopolitan -, feel like a jumping dolphin during flyboarding or take a spectacular sunset cruise on a catamaran. Wait until the sun goes down and discover the vibrant nightlife full of entertainment and live music.

Curacao sunset

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