4 Highlights of Historical Metz, France


1. The impressive New Temple

When you discover Metz, one building immediately stands out: The New Temple, a beautiful Protestant church, built in 1901. The church is located on the island of L’île du Petit Saulcy and has a mysterious look. You will find many striking large trees that grow in all directions. For example, over the edges of the walls around the island. The island is surrounded by the waters of the Moselle. Cruise around the island by boat or walk up the island via a bridge to get to the church. From the island you have various viewpoints over the Moselle and you look out on the authentic canal houses.

2. Cathedral St-Étienne

The St-Étienne Cathedral is an impressive 88 meters high church from the 13th century. Much of the front consists of statues, gargoyles and large round windows. Inside the cathedral you can see how immense the building is. Look up to see the great organ and admire the high columns. The cathedral is colorfully lit by the stained glass that is richly present in the church.

3. Medieval city gate Porte des Allemands

Porte des Allemands is the city gate of Metz and was built in 1230. The city gate has remained in its original state. During the Second World War, the gate was damaged, but this damage has been repaired without any modifications. Walk through the drawbridge to the center of the square. You are surrounded by towers, walls, hatches and gates. For a moment it feels as if you are going back in time to the Middle Ages. Climb the walls via the narrow spiral staircases of the towers. From here you can enjoy the view over the city and the River Seille which flows below the Porte des Allemands.

4. Shop till you drop

There are several shopping streets, indoor shopping centers and specialty shops in Metz. It is therefore the perfect city to go shopping. Stroll through the streets and discover the nicest boutiques and artistic studios with homemade sculptures, paintings and furniture. If you want to make it a complete shopping day, there is a huge indoor shopping center Muse, just outside the center of Metz. More than 100 different shops are located here, spread over 3 floors.

Metz the new temple

How to spend one day in Nancy, France

Nancy France

Stroll past the most beautiful squares

One of the most impressive squares in Nancy is Place Stanislas and has rightly been awarded a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This gigantic square is surrounded by special buildings, such as the opera house and the town hall, black and gold detailed gates and on every corner you will find imposing fountains. This gives the square a prosperous and luxurious appearance. In the center of the square is the statue of King Louis XV. Place Stanislas is the connector of the city. From here you can easily go to all other highlights.

From Place Stanislas, walk under a triumphal arch to the breathtaking Place de la Carrière. It seems as if you are going back to the 18th century, in the time of the Renaissance. Jousts and tournaments used to be held on this square. The long, wide square is surrounded by two rows of trees and on both sides you are surrounded by beautiful architecture.

Place D’Alliance is also worth a visit. This square has a beautiful fountain in the center and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Tip: Rent a bike and cross from square to square, so you are sure that you don’t miss anything!

Visit food halls and vintage markets

In Nancy you can stroll around at various markets. How about the covered food hall Marche Central with fresh vegetables, roasted nuts and the most colorful herbs. If you like unique items, then stroll through beautiful alleys through the vintage market where you can buy special antiques.

Taste macarons, the specialty de Nancy

You have to try one of Nancy’s colorful specialties: macarons. They come in all colors, shapes and flavors such as raspberry, coconut, pistachio, mocha, lemon, caramel. We definitely recommend the delicious macarons from Chocolats de Neuville.

Relax at Parc de La Pépinière

Nancy’s largest park is the enchanting Parc de la Pépinière. It is the perfect place to recover from the bustle of the city, in the middle of nature. Here you will find beautiful flowers, baroque statues and fountains. In addition to relaxing, you can also do many fun activities here, such as mini golf, walking through the rose garden, attending a concert in the music dome, tasting the most delicious waffles or churros at various stalls. There is even a zoo (!), where you can spot monkeys, peacocks, goats and donkeys.

Admire the free light show Rendez Vous

On warm summer evenings, between June and September, Place Stanislas offers a colorful and free light show. We reserved a spot at Pizzaria Michel Angelo and ate delicious pizzas, watched the dreamy sunset and enjoyed the colorful light show Rendez Vous, which projects the history of Nancy on the facades of the buildings.