Sunset sailing on a Catamaran

We believe that the day is the most beautiful during sunset. The Sunset Sailing organized by BlueFinn Charters is definitely one of the highlights of our vacation on Curaçao. While enjoying a cocktail, pleasant music and tasty snacks, you explore the east side of Curaçao from the water and you watch the sunset on a most unique way. So what are you waiting for?

Explore the East side

The catamaran takes you past Caracas Bay, Fuik Bay and the Spanish Water. Here you are amazed by the gigantic houses that lie in the hills around the Spanish Water directly at the azure water. The villas have their own jetty or private beach.

Curacao sunset

The trip

The Sunset Sailing is a super fun experience. The crew is enthusiastic, hospitable and has a great sense of humor. The boat trip with the catamaran is very comfortable. There are benches and nets where you can relax on and delicious food is served. The drinks are unlimited (!).

When the sun goes down, the catamaran stops. It is quiet for a moment, the catamaran floats over the waves, you hear the water knocking against the boat; this is relaxing! Admire the beautiful view of the red, orange colored horizon. The glow of the sun reflects on the dancing water. Slowly you see the sun sink into the sea. You think about the moments of happiness that you experienced that day. Cheers on another successful day. You feel happy.

After sunset

It is getting darker and darker. When the sun is down, you sail back. On the way back you will be surprised by all the lights that you see from the water. You hear the music of beach parties and sail past the vibrant nightlife on Curaçao.

curacao night

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